Eco Friendly

Natural Stone Sales are an eco friendly company

We are a very eco friendly company throughout our sites. We operate a range of measures from zero packaging to recycling our water.

Rowsley Production Site

At our Rowsley production site, we use a lot of water to cool our saws and machines whilst cutting granite worktops or Mandale limestone worktops. Almost everything is fed by water, mainly for cooling the blades and pads. The water is also used to dampen down any dust produced in the manufacturing.

All of our water used in this process is recycled. We have 6 settlement tanks laid underground in two different areas with three tanks each. The dirty water goes into the first tank and goes through a further two settlement tanks to come out at the end clean. A pump with a filter then pumps it back around the system to be re-used.

This Picture shows a large amount of water spraying out of the frame saw while, whilst cutting a Limestone Block into slabs

Our Limestone Quarry

At our quarry, we use zero packaging. Nothing leaves the quarry, wrapped or bagged in any way.

Mandale Limestone Blocks are loaded directly on timbers on the back of a lorry. These are taken to be sawn into slabs for kitchens and tiles and many other products to fulfil customer orders.

Our Mandale Building Stone and Dry Stone Walling are loaded onto tipper lorries using our machines. They are loaded loose only as shown above.

Storage & Delivery

We do not supply finished products in ton bags or on pallets. Hence no tote bags, no pallets and no shrink wrapping or polythene wrap (no plastic.) We store the finished Mandale Building Stone at the quarry in heaps, after the cropping process.

How we store stone at the quarry

When a customer requires a delivery the stone is loaded directly onto a tipper lorry. The stone arrives on site and it is tipped into a pile for the customer to build with.

Our Office

In our offices, we recycle every item we can from paper and cardboard to plastic. We try to only print the emails and information that we require. And keep as much as we can digitally.   

We do need to hire skips for some waste, we use a local licensed reputable company that has been in business for over 30 years.  Our skip supplier removes the full skips and any mixed waste passes through a picking line where recyclable material is removed, it is then shredded and trammelled to remove the smaller fractions.

The Future

We are always looking for a way to reduce waste and packaging  We have recently been looking into solar power… so watch this space.

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