Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops will enhance the beauty and feel of any kitchen and more importantly, they add to the functionality of your kitchen. Granite is remarkably durable, easy to clean and the ultimate statement in kitchen design.

Granite is an extremely hard stone, it is an igneous rock that provides high strength and low porosity whilst also retaining a highly polished finish. The cooling of molten minerals during the granites formation results in a wide variety of detail and grain patterns.

Granite has it’s own natural make-up and beauty, a characteristic of natural stone is variations in colour and veining, which means that every piece of granite is unique.  

Granites can withstand hot pans but the thermal shock between the cold worktop and the hot base of a pan can cause cracking of the grain structure over a period of time. Chopping boards and pan stands should always be used to protect the surface.

Granite is a natural material and it is very important to remember this. Small samples can only be used as a guideline or indication for the materials. If you would like to view the full slabs before production commences on your work that can be arranged.

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