Mandale Limestone Worktops

Derbyshire Mandale Fossil Limestone Worktop

Polished limestone slabs are an ideal material for kitchen worktops.

Limestone worktops have been chosen by homeowners for many years due to their many advantages, including:

Longevity: With proper cleaning, care, and maintenance, stone kitchen worktops can last a lifetime. Specialized cleaners and sealants are highly suggested to preserve the limestone’s timeless beauty.

Appearance: Limestone worktops have a delicate and natural appeal that is still luxurious, adding value and richness to any space.

Cost: Compared to other high-end worktop materials, limestone is a more affordable option.

Limestone worktop slabs are generally much cheaper than granite or marble.

Uniqueness: Limestone worktops are available in various textures, sizes and soft colours.

Regardless of your final choice, the limestone surface can add warmth to your space.

We encourage you to come to our showroom to view our limestone slabs and choose the one that will make your kitchen sing. We involve you in the whole process, from ordering to installation, to ensure your satisfaction.

From source to you

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone is quarried by Natural Stone Sales sister company Mandale Stone Company, the quarry is situated at  Sheldon, near Bakewell, in the heart of the Peak District.

It’s all in the detail

The Stone is quarried using the traditional method of plugs and feathers, this method allows for no explosives to be used. 

This means that holes are drilled into the blocks and metal feathers inserted the metal plugs are then driven in to split the block open.

Made in Derbyshire

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone was formed some 365 million years ago when Derbyshire was underneath warm seas. The main fossils are crinoids, Crinoids are marine animals which are sometimes referred to as Sea Lillies, other shellfish and corals are present and sometimes even a sharks tooth can be seen.

A polished slab

Occasionally when the natural beds of the limestone quarry are pure enough, dimensional block is won. These blocks are sawn into varying thickness of slabs and they are then polished. Because it takes a high polish it is also known locally as Sheldon Marble. Slabs can also be Honed or Textured to allow for different finishes.

When the blocks are cut and polished it reveals the individual and unique beauty of this historical material.

Polished  slabs can be shaped into worktops, bathroom vanity tops, fire surround, hearths and memorial stones. Clients can browse by appointment, if they wish, visit our yard to choose their own little piece of history and choose their own limestone flooring.

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