Made To Measure Kitchen Worktops

A new, made to measure kitchen worktop will enhance any kitchen old or new. We offer a full service, once your units are in place in their final position, we will carry out templating, these templates are then returned to our yard and produced into bespoke worktops. They are then delivered by our teams and fitted into your kitchen. This whole process takes around 7 working days.

Every detail is taken into account at the templating stage. We ask that the appliances are on site so we can select the exact positions of the sink, taps and if drainer grooves are required which side they will go. We also check the details such as the reach on the tap and that it doesn’t get in the way of anything (windows openings etc)

If splashbacks and upstands are required these are templated and sometime our templaters may pick up on small details that no one else has thought of, for example extra window cills, or different size upstand under cills.

At templating access is also checked, some kitchens have large Island or long worktops, which may fit into the room but can be hard to actually get into the kitchen. We check that we can access the kitchen with such large heavy worktops. And discuss options with customers on site.

The templating of the kitchen worktops often takes longer than the fitting itself, when all details are finalised. The installation of the worktops although not easy, due to worktops being very heavy and awkward to handle they should all fit exactly into place. We try our best to complete everything in our production yard so no work will be carried out at your property.

We can offer a wide variety of materials such as , Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone an English stone from The Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, a great variety of Marble, Granites and Quartz. 

A popular range of materials is Silestone by Cosentino, Silestone is a hybrid surface made from premium natural minerals and recycled materials. Manufactured with the exclusive and innovative Hybriq technology.

Worktops Mandale

From source to you

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone is quarried by Natural Stone Sales sister company Mandale Stone Company, the quarry is situated at  Sheldon, near Bakewell, in the heart of the Peak District.

It’s all in the detail

The Stone is quarried using the traditional method of plugs and feathers, this method allows for no explosives to be used.  This means that holes are drilled into the blocks and metal feathers inserted the metal plugs are then driven in to split the block open.

Made in Derbyshire

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone was formed some 365 million years ago when Derbyshire was underneath warm seas. The main fossils are crinoids, Crinoids are marine animals which are sometimes referred to as Sea Lillies, other shellfish and corals are present and sometimes even a sharks tooth can be seen.

A polished slab

Occasionally when the natural beds of the limestone quarry are pure enough, dimensional block is won. These blocks are sawn into varying thickness of slabs and they are then polished. Because it takes a high polish it is also known locally as Sheldon Marble. Slabs can also be Honed or Textured to allow for different finishes.

When the blocks are cut and polished it reveals the individual and unique beauty of this historical material.

Polished  slabs can be shaped into worktops, bathroom vanity tops, fire surround, hearths and memorial stones. Clients can browse by appointment, if they wish, visit our yard to choose their own little piece of history and choose their own limestone flooring.

Worktops Granite and Marble

Granite and Marble a natural stone is quarried from all over the world, in Europe Scandinavia and Italy are the main regions of these materials.

Granite is the oldest igneous rock in the world, believed to have been formed has long has 300 million years ago. Igneous rocks are formed by the cooling of lava or magma.

Granite is one of the strongest, most attractive rocks naturally produced, which makes it valuable to builders and homeowners for a number of interior and exterior uses. Granite provides elegance and quality for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Giving combination of durability and aesthetic beauty, each piece of granite is distinct, so giving a unique look.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material, but is also used within the home for bathrooms, flooring, fireplace surrounds and stairs.

Worktops in Quartz

Manmade Quartz is an engineered stone formed by combining 90% ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. This forms a very hard granite-like surface. The appearance depends on how the quartz is ground: coarsely ground quartz produces a flecked appearance, while finely ground quartz produces a smooth look. This in recent years has become a popular alternative to granite.

Carrara and Calcatta the most popular designs as they have a vein effect in them to give a marble look.

Worktops in Silestone

Silestone worktops have a high resistance to stains and knock making the material highly durable in a busy environment. The other properties of Silestone is its scratch and impact resistance with an amazing choice of colours.

Cleaning Silestone is as easy as washing with soap and water. All Silestone materials have a 25-year guarantee.

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