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Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone

Quarried from the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire this stone has a fascinating history.

Many geologists, some connected to the Natural History Museum have visited Natural Stone Sales Ltd to view this incredibly special stone more closely.

So What Is All The Fuss About……..

Around 360 Million year ago the Peak District National Park was under warm seas. This time in history is known as the Carboniferous Period.

The fuss is about how this incredible stone quarried into blocks then sawn into workable slab show the fossils of the sea life from this period such as Crinoids, Brachiopod’s, Corals and occasionally a Sharks Tooth !!

How then can the quarry be so high up in the hills…………

This is even more interesting, when recently visited by one of our geologist friends we asked the question “ how come so high “ ?

The explanation was that the Himalayan mountain range and Tibetan plateau have formed as a result of the collision between the Indian Plate and Eurasian Plate which began 50 million years.

This in turn created a ripple effect around the planet and some of that energy reached the United Kingdom and Derbyshire……

 Voila,  it pushed the fossilised stone up high and the hills were created.

Perfect for Interior and Exterior Floor tiles

Limestone Floor tiles are very popular around the country and Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone steeped in history is a popular choice for commercial flooring as well as domestic tiles.

The quarry produces two types of fossil beds the high fossil and what is known as the Birdeye bed (aptly named in the medieval period) when our customers purchase our floor tiles the most popular is a range we call unselected .

What is unselected……..

Unselected means choosing a width say 300mm, 350mm, 450 mm or 525mm in random lengths, the Limestone tiles then come in a mixture of high fossil and Birdeye giving a unique contrast to the tiled flooring or wall.

We have recently supplied Cadent Gas, via Andrews Marble & Tiles 1000 M2 of Birdeye Flooring tiles destined for the new Cadent Office block based at Anstey near Coventry. The client selected 8 shades of Birdeye Limestone Floor Tiles with as much Red Blush in the material as possible.

Some of the Limestone has a Red blush through the stones as well as a Grey Blue, Gold/Yellow and we even have Black beds which make excellent Fire Hearths as well as Memorial Stones accepted by many church yards.

If you are looking for a unique Limestone Floor Tile that is a British Stone why not contact us or come and visit our quarry and offices

 We have a very friendly team here at Rowsley we welcome customers old and new and understand whatever your requirements are they are as important to us as they are to you.

If its Floor Tiling you are looking for a Fire Surround and Hearth, Kitchen Worktops these are all prominent features in your home or office and attention to detail, careful selection of materials the correct sizes cut with in all Industry Standard Tolerances ensure we deliver you a final result to the highest quality .  

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