New Product Tumbled Tiles

We have been experimenting with our tumbling machine, our limit on the width has been around 250mm the thickness around 20mm.

To achieve a wider product we have put some 30mm material through the tumbler and the end result is the image below.

We have treated these tiles with Linseed oil, the oil enhances the colour and the fossil content.

These fossils date back to when The Peak District National Park was under warm seas some 360 million years ago. To find out more about the history of this very unique stone click here

These tiles would suit an interior or exterior application, making an excellent patio or enhance any floor inside your home.

The tumbling give the effect of aging the tiles by taking the edge of the tiles giving them a look that is very popular in larger rooms.

Limestone has some very unique properties , such as very good slip resistance  as per our test results from The BRE Group who are  backed by an extraordinary range of test facilities, their  experts test individual materials and products, building systems, engineering structures and whole buildings, using established methods and bespoke research tests and simulations. BRE typically test against published standards, but can develop dedicated procedures for new, unique or innovative products.

These procedures give our customers comfort that they are investing in not only a unique material due to its history but fully compliant and tested as well.

If you are interested in purchasing these tumbled tiles 450mm wide, Random Lengths and 30mm thick they have been priced at a very reasonable price of £99.00 plus VAT , delivery would be at cost. If you quote code 14722 you would be entitled to a pre VAT discount of 10%

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