Mandale Derbyshire Fossil Limestone Fireplaces are unique, “oneoffs” for clients that want something really special that cannot be duplicated.

Mandale Derbyshire Fossil limestone is from the “once-a-week quarry” near Sheldon. The medium grey coloured limestone takes a high polish and was known locally as Sheldon Marble. The fossils are mainly crinoids, brachiopods, corals and even occasionally shark’s teeth! 

The Blue John stone comes only from the famous series of caverns in Castleton. This beautiful gemstone is mainly used for jewellery these days, but in the eighteenth century it was highly prized in prestigious fire surrounds that adorn many stately homes. To see a few samples, please click on the images below.

Fireplaces can also be built to order in Limestone without the Blue John decoration. See our gallery below for a few examples of our work. For further information about our Fireplaces, please Contact us.

Fireplace Gallery

Here are just a few images of our Fireplaces.