Why use granite worktops

Why Granite Worktops?

Why choose granite over all the options currently available for my New Kitchen Worktops?

Granite is a completely natural material, it is not cooked in an oven or coloured in a way to give uniformity. Granite is natural it is formed when molten rock/magna cools slowly. Magma is found between the earths crust and mantle. As magma rises to the surface it starts to cool down. The cooling of the molten materials during the granites formation can result in a wide variety of detail, colour and patterns

Because it is an igneous rock it provides a very high strength and low porosity Kitchen worktop.  Granite is remarkably durable, easy to clean and is the ultimate statement in any kitchen

Granite is not just Black like some people believe. Its available in almost any colour you can think from Black to White and anything in between.

Granite is a natural material and offers so many different options. Granites are available in some plain  colours, for example a plain black granite has and overall block colour of black.

Baltic Brown Granite has a main colour of brown, with a pattern which almost repeats itself through the slab.

Some Granites have movement within the slab, showing swirls and patterns and veining. Also including many different colours in just one piece. These granites can really make a feature in a kitchen of any size. Or on a large Island or Breakfast Bar area.

Cosmic Black Granite has a main colour of Black with swirls of Silver, gold and copper effects running  through it. No Two slabs are the same.

Sometimes slabs with movement can be hard to imagine how they will look once cut into small strips and made into worktops. Luckily the internet is full of images to help you imagine.

Granite takes a full polish to the face and any seen edges as required. The deep polish it takes compares to nothing else (in my opinion). The polished face really shows the depth and beauty of the surface. The full polish it takes really enhances its appearance and gives it a natural luster.

Other finishes are also available in granite one is honed, which is a matt finish. The honed finish is generally chosen when a full shiny finish is either not suited to the customer preference or the kitchen design. For example a honed worktop maybe chosen on a more traditional kitchen. Another finish is textured/ leathered. This is similar to the honed finish but it has a rougher feel to the surface and is usually paired with a honed edge. It has a very tactile feel.  

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